Vito accessories



Kit for securely transporting ladders on the basic carriers. Quick and simple installation. Suitable for all standard basic carriers with a transverse pipe diameter of 20 x 30 and 30 x 30 mm.

Item number: A906 840 0018 / RRP €70



The box is made of hygienic, easy-to-clean plastic and uses a 12 V connection to cool its contents continually and reliably even on long journeys.The special strap system allows secure attachments in the luggage compartment – the carrying strap allows for convenient transport. The coolbox has a volume of 16.5 litres.

Item number: B6 656 0300 / RRP €183



Extremely lightweight cycle rack designed to be attached to the basic carrier bars. Bicycles can be mounted in one of two ways: to the rack, once it has been fitted to the roof, or conveniently at ground level, before the rack is fitted. The support frame folds down when not in use to reduce drag when travelling without bikes. Suitable for cycles with a max. frame diameter of 98 mm (circular frame tubes) or 110 x 70 mm (oval frame tubes). However, please observe your vehicle's permissible roof load.

Item number: A000 890 0293 / RRP €153



The rigid trailer coupling is permanently attached and always ready for use. The ball coupling cannot be removed.

Item number available on request

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